“I’m really happy where this is heading…”

Anyone who knows me knows how picky of an eater I am, and my hate-hate relationship with the gym. However, I really have been wanting to get healthy for a long time and have had no idea where to start. My beautiful friend Jodi Swansey is a lifestyle trainer and has worked with me and all my crazy limitations to develop a plan that works for me. Not just a crash diet or intense workout routine I do for two weeks and give up on, but something that’s actually sustainable and intertwined with my current lifestyle. It’s been one week. We’re still tweaking it, but I’ve lost 3.6 lbs in the first week, with some minimal exercise and just conscious eating. I’m really happy where this is heading and can’t wait to see all the changes continue as I make progress. If anyone feels stuck like me, contact Jodi. She’s so easy to work with! She caters to your lifestyle and limitations and coaches you along the way and gives you everything in bite size pieces you can handle so it doesn’t feel like you’re overhauling your life all at once.

– Evie Lynn Rodriguez

“I feel sexier and confident…”

Jodi is a special gift. I experienced a car accident about eight months ago. I have a fractured meniscus which means not much action for my knee, basically none. For months I went through self beat up about losing my ability to be active again. I used to run two miles a day before the accident and working out wasn’t really about looking good or even my health honestly. I loved the experience of feeling my body communicate with my mind. Jodi supported me in the past two months in learning how to do this without the need to run. She provided me unique workouts that would keep my body moving without pushing my knee into failure. I committed to these just 15-20 minutes two or three times a week while following the diet she set up for me which changed mid way through our journey as I became a vegetarian. Jodi went out of her way to find out what worked for me. She challenged me to be patient with my body and love my body. I’m now a few pounds lighter, not sure how many, as her lesson with me was loving my body and not focusing on a number! I feel sexier and confident. I can say for the first time in 27 years I wore a bathing suit at the beach without covering my butt! I’m a curvy women with a whole lot of booty and have always been insecure about showing my stretch marks at the beach. She taught me how to love all of me!!! I thank her deeply for being intuitive and knowing what the purpose of our journey was together. Thank you Jodi!!!

– Yadira Roman

“Her approach always makes me feel like I have a choice…”

I am so thankful for Jodi’s help and expertise these past few months! Not only is she an amazing friend but she’s a beautiful person and it makes building a stronger and healthier me that much easier. Her approach always makes me feel like I have a choice in my health and fitness which is something I have not experienced in the past. Her patience and willingness to help is something I appreciate so much and has helped me immensely. But most of all, she is so genuine and her faith in me has restored the faith in myself that I thought was gone forever.”

– Natasha Adler