Sunday Funday

3. Tropical Pomona

How amazing is this waterfall? I mean who has a pool like this in their backyard? If I was retired, I would want the same damn thing. Thanks to a beautiful coworker of mine, she made this Sunday one to remember. Bathingsuits, a shit ton of food and homemade beer? Umm, yes please. Add me to the list every weekend.

Pomona, California is deeper in the desert so you don’t last long outside of the water. Did I mention this pool is salt water? I felt like I was in a mini Playboy Mansion grotto minus the naked females and peacocks. I could have used a cabana boy with the way we were jammin’ and drinking all day. The hot tub got plenty of play well into the night. Even though it was not that far from LA, about an hour and a half, I felt like I was on a mini one day vacation. It’s one of my favorite things about California. You really don’t have to travel that far to see something that you’ve never seen before. This motivated me to take the two hour drive to San Diego. I’ve been here almost two years and still haven’t made it. Travel plans are being arranged ASAP!