Robin Williams

6. Robin Williams

On this particular evening, when I read about his death, I knew it was a movie night in. Coffee, my favorite turkey pesto sandwich, and a copy of The Birdcage all joined me in my cozy bed and a little mini party celebrating Robin’s life was in full effect. I laughed so hard at my favorite moments that tears of joy ran down my face. Although moments of sadness clouded my vision of comedy at times, I couldn’t help but think of what a wonderful life he lead.

To touch so many people in the way he did and not even realize it is a sad thought. With that being said, do yourself a favor and tell someone. Tell them how amazing they are, how great they make you feel, and how lucky you are to have them in your life. Just a few words is all it takes to turn an ok day into an amazing life.

-RIP Robin Williams-