Balance: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. You see, balance is possible when all aspects (or elements) in your life are in proportion. Balance does not just happen but is not impossible. Like our bodies, it takes work people. Ain’t nobody one day just going to give us abs because we chillin, am I right? Well same with balance. It takes time, patience and some W O R K! We tend to let the negative outweighs the positive when we let change get the best of us. It stops now, don’t you think? Your girl is here to guide you along the way to the B (balance duh…not the beach).

Contact me for…

  • Tools to find positivity in the tough moment (A positive outlook would support me in so many ways.)

  • How to process negative emotions that arise from the hardships of change (Processing the negative? Sounds like science.)

  • Ways to decode your feelings and what they are telling you (Decoding too? that’s some computer talk right there.)

  • Managing emotions from grief or loss (Mmm sensitive subject but I hear you.)

  • Using change to move you forward (This isn’t a one step forward, two steps back thing is it?)