Love is a beautiful language that the human desires to speak. It’s love so of course it’s beautiful. Naturally we look outward for that love. What if you looked inward? Do you think it’s possible to feel whole thought self-love? Do you think it’s possible to be in love with yourself and not be conceited? You bet your ass it is. A life of self-love is a life full of happiness and endless opportunities. Through self-love, connection with others comes naturally. Will it always be easy? No, but that’s what you got JR for!

Contact me for…

  • Daily practices to find inner peace (Girl I’m ready to get zen.)

  • How to push through the uncomfortable to get comfortable (Ugh that’s just so uncomfortable!)

  • Ways to find gratitude when love doesn’t feel so great (Mmm yes. Gratitude is life and I want it!)

  • To learn the language of love, both intimate and casual (Ok ok I’m listening.)

  • Health relationship practices to incorporate in your current partnership (Ok so this is not just a singles thing? Cool cool!)

  • How to live a “yes” life to yourself before others and not feel selfish )I’m ready to say “yes” to me!)