Start Your Monday Morning Right

Hello beautiful people. It’s been a minute since I’ve written to you all and I know there are no excuses. Life gets to us and we sometimes let the creative juices take a back seat. So much has been going on since I last wrote and I can’t wait to catch you up on it all but enough about me. Let’s talk about your morning…Monday morning to be exact.

No matter how you begin your day,  a healthy breakfast is a must. Starting your day right sets the tone for what the rest of the day will hold. I too get impatient sometimes to make breakfast early AM and that’s why recipes such as this are perfect. A few ingredients, throw it together and boom you’re on the right track.

3 simple ingredients together in a bowl and voila you have yourself a hearty breakfast. So what will it be? 5 minutes to get your body right or a drive through breakfast sandwich with little nutritional value? Your choice. Make the healthy one!


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