Skincare Woe No More

Valentine’s Day (for some) is a day of love. A day to celebrate how much others mean to you. Yes it may be a silly holiday (for some again), believing every day should be spent celebrating love, but there’s nothing wrong with a little reminder to love just a little extra on this day. Give someone a card. Make them breakfast in bed. Buy them a rose. Take a workout class together. Give yourself a spa day. Especially now in our country, we get to celebrate love more than hate. Don’t be a hatter, hatters.

I myself always feel love from my man, friends and family but it’s the self-love and self-care that I lack on. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why is self-love so fucking hard? Why do we feel guilty when we take the time to do something for ONLY ourselves? As we go through life and discover who we really are, whether we are trying to or not, shit comes up and we get to face it head on. I’m seeing more and more the lack of self-care for myself, specifically with my skin. I workout to be healthy. I eat healthy foods to be healthy. What about my skin? My beautiful face? As I get older the shit gets worse (the only downside to 30’s for me). I’m fed up with it. The redness…the dryness…the oiliness…all of it. I have the worst kind of combination skin and on top of it, it’s sensitive as fuck. I’ve worked hard the last 8 months on my self-love so now it’s about time I get this skin under control.

Listening to Jillian Michael’s podcast one day on the way to work, she mentioned a company called Kapulet that had 3 free skincare product for the first 200 people (get on it ladies the offer still stands). It was no coincidence that every product was for highly sensitive skin so of course, I signed up for the goodies. Days later, I read an article about skincare routines for all types of skin and the breakdown was like skincare for dummies. That’s me. It was a sign. No more loosing faith. This shit is going to work no matter how much money I spend. Amazon again saved the day (and dollars in my pocket). Its been 2 days now on the new routine so it’s still early but I will say my skin feels lifted, bright, and soft. It’s less red and my pores are looking slightly smaller. Like loosing weight or hitting a fitness goal, it takes time to see and feel the changes. Besides consistency, patients is a huge factor in seeing the results you want. Wash face. Use toner. Apply moisturizer. Wear sunscreen. Be patient.

As we get older, our self-care routine changes with our hormones and the environment around us. One thing that doesn’t change is what we get to do to keep our bodies healthy and our minds positive. I’ll keep you posted as I get further into this new journey. To get details on what products I’m using, go to my Instagram here (all brands are tagged) or click on the IG banner below.


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