I Got Some Booty On Tuesday

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Damn it’s been a long time since I’ve had…well a really good booty workout. I’ve let myself COMPLETELY go as it happens to the best of us. Thank goodness for my amazing boyfriend (check out his IG here). Even with this weight gain, he loved me enough to tell me like it is and to get my ass in shape like I want to. We all need some tough love in our life. Don’t freak out! He’s not telling me I’m fat. He knows my desired goals and as my other half and someone who loves me, my goals are his goals and he motivates me every day.

If you know me, you know once I get in the swing of things, there’s no taking me out. It’s time to get more booty than I usually do and I started it out with a Bella Booty Fitness workout. I discovered this through a late night IG black hole excursion and when I saw FREE, it was a no brainer. YES…FREE!!! Every Tuesday at Shape90291, the beautiful (and extremely friendly) Hanna has this free class for 7 lucky ladies. This ass kicking, glute lifting, booty building workout was no joke and as much as I hated the pain of 5 workouts just on one side before switching (insert WTF face), I’m already signed up to go back. This little red machine does wonders for your booty and Hanna won’t let you go without targeting every single muscle back there. A little upper body and abs are thrown in there as well so it’s a 3 for 1 you don’t want to miss.

I walked out with a sore and firm booty. Mission accomplished. Speaking to Hanna, many of us forget to workout all parts of our glutes to give us not only the look we want, but the strength of those muscles we need for our posture. Strong booties are in so make your way to Bella Booty’s IG page (link above) and get in a class before it fills up. I’ll be there Tuesday, February 7th from 7-8pm. Who’s ready to join me? Lets sweat the fat off and build some ass.

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