It’s No Coincidence She Is My Partner

In nature, a lone wolf stands alone. Independent. Separate from the pack. As a human we are introverted, in solitude and work alone. Basically we tell everyone to fuck off. These were the traits I used to follow and as I’ve come out of my shell, stood in my confidence and created connections in my life, I look at Miss Bohdi here and realize it is no coincidence her and I are running mates. Yes…I get paid to run with this beautiful creature.

I chose the job to not only make more money but to spend time with a dog. I am so obsessed with dogs that I’m not sure if it’s normal, but I’m ok with that. Their energy, passion to play, love for their humans and loyalty inspires me to become this type of person. Fuck it…I am this type of person. As I looked at her today and thought about her bread (she’s a tamaskan) I saw so much of myself in her. Her look of a wolf was me just 2 months ago, alone and thinking I was ok with it. As our relationship continues, her playful demeanor and trust for me grows. Bohdi and I are truly spirit animals. We beat the odds of being “lone wolves” and are blossoming into strong, powerful leaders. Let me rephrase that. WE ARE STRONG, POWERFUL LEADERS!

Because of how she looks, every day we get questions and comments about her. Her energy and way of being has rubbed off on me, creating more connections with strangers than I ever imagined. I am truly blessed to have this “wolf” as my mate in the pack as we continue our journey as independent (but fully connected) females. Damn…sometimes I just blow my own mind as I sit here and really think about it. Our relationships are what we make it and the beautiful thing is, it doesn’t matter the form it takes. Yes, animals are easy to spend time with because they give you no verbal feedback, but when you look at it, they do in their own way. My bad vibes become her bad vibes and honestly, I do not want this chick pissed off. I’ve seen it and it ain’t pretty.

I, Jodi Swansey, am a confident, independent, trusting women and Bohdi’s animal form reflects just that. We are truly a match made and I am so blessed to share this relationship with everyone I come across. No matter how I’m feeling when I wake up at 6am, seeing Bohdi makes me happy. My connection with her inspires me to be my best every day, knowing tomorrow we get to do it all over again!


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