Just Because I’m Not Drinking…

…does not mean I should get checked off the “lets go out” list. I’m a fucking good time without alcohol so screw you! Ok ok, that’s a little intense but I seriously cannot handle it lately. Yes, I realize I am overly attached to this issue and I am working on it. I have chosen not to drink for myself.

1 I’m motivated all weekend because I’m not hungover. Don’t get me wrong I have my days where doggie-cuddle time and a movie are on my priority list but not because I’m feeling like shit from vodka waters.

2 I’m working on getting fit and lean again. Alcohol does not play a part in that plan.

3. I’m attending a self-awareness, self-improvement training that has drastically changed my life. I want to be aware at every moment. Be present at every moment. Learn the most I can out of this training.

Why is it so hard for people to go out and have drinks when they’re sober friend is around? Why is it so uncomfortable? Is our generation really that insecure with those who chose a sober life? If so, this is really sad to me. More and more people are choosing to be sober because of the benefits. This is not a permanent decision for me but even if it was, who fucking cares. Creating authentic connection is important (at least to me it is) and if you can’t handle the sober Jodi, than I’m sorry friend but this is on you. Look inside yourself and see, am I uncomfortable with getting drunk around sober people or am I uncomfortable with myself drunk and what others think? I’m thinking more like door #2.

Don’t punish your friends/loved ones for making a decision for themselves. Don’t punish yourself by pushing people away and not benefiting from their presence. Think about how those who are sober feel, being checked off your list. Whether we’re drinking or not, we are humans who deserve connection. True, meaningful, loving connection. I’m so damn proud of myself for following through with my choice and as I write this, I’ve come to a conclusion. I get to look at myself and see what is uncomfortable about not being asked to join on nights out. I get to hold my friends high and ask them why they’re excluding me. I get to stand my ground in confidence and either take control of the situation or move on. Boom!

3 thoughts on “Just Because I’m Not Drinking…

  1. I suffer from migraines and have a slight allergy to most alcohol. I will not die but I certainly do not enjoy how alcohol makes me feel. I cannot believe how judged I am and how often people (close to me, in my family even) shame me. I don’t mention your drinking or eating habits at all, why do you have to talk down to me because I make different choices than you? I shouldn’t be shamed or punished for doing what makes me feel best, especially when it has zero impact on you! It is so frustrating!


    1. Hi Christina,

      I agree with you 100%. As long as you are ok and at peace with your choices of not drinking, that’s all that matters. You can’t change their responses but you can change the way you react to their comments. You are making the right choices for you. Listen to your body and know when others criticize, it’s their egos telling them they wish they had your will power. Keep it up girl. You’re doing amazing. Stay positive and know your body is #1. Thank you for sharing your experience and reading the blog. Much appreciated.



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