Keep Off That Vacation 15

This is not impossible people. Yes, of course you’re going to indulge in the food of the culture and try new things but why indulge so much that you set yourself back when you’ve worked so hard to get where you are now? We as humans do this to ourselves way too often. It’s called boundaries. Set them for yourself. Enjoy those nachos with every single yummy condiment that could possibly make sense but don’t eat the whole damn plate on your own. Get table sharing items, have small sized portions and get a taste for it all. Vacation is meant to be lived freely, and that includes in your bathing suit. I don’t know about you, but when I’m so full that the idea of a two piece is the last thing on my mind and I have the beautiful ocean waiting outside my door, I’m a little irritated with myself. I’m not saying you can’t have those kinds of days but I’m inviting you to think about choices when it comes to consumption. This will only add to the experience you’ve given yourself.

If you’re like me, you actually enjoy working out while on vacation. Running on the beach in a new tropical environment is my favorite way to site see, especially when I have a partner. Checking out the gym in my hotel is also a favorite. I find new machines I don’t have at home AND always end up meeting someone new and sharing our vacation experience together. Hello connections! Of course not everyone is into the fitness side of travel but if you are, here are some tidbits for dat fit ass.

Gym/Fitness Center: Obvi! You would be surprise how many great gyms are out there, especially in small hotels. What better way to switch things up than try a new machine. No fitness center in your hotel? Find the nearest gym and ask about daily/weekly passes. Sometimes they even offer a free 3-5 day pass if you’re “checking it out”. Yes, I have done this before. It works and is worth it!

Walking/Jogging: Whether it’s in the sand along the beach (ummm yea hi calf workout) or through a neighborhood close by, seeing the town outside of a car window puts you in the locals shoes. The locals know the spots so tour their city like they would.

Games: Close to a beach? Play volleyball, football or do some yoga. The beach is the best spot for vacation fitness.

Bands: I am in love with my Mini Bands and Resistant Bands from Tone It Up. They’re light weight, come in their own bags making it easy to pack, and take up little space. A workout in the comfort of your own room is golden. No this is not a paid promo for TIU although I so wish it was. Oh hey Karena and Katrina. Hit your TIU babe up!!!

Need more ideas, tips and tricks? Email me (

(photo location: Powerhouse Park, Del Mar, California)



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