Real Talk…The Overnight Kit

Assuming most females have had this conversation, because lord knows my girls and I have, the topic of a discreet overnight kit has come up more often than not with the summer vibes in full effect. It’s breading season here in LA as everyone hits the beach, day drinking is in full moon status and those unexpected (but possibly anticipated) one night stands are occurring. Ladies we know how important it is to be prepared and in a moment of crisis (aka morning after), we need to be on our A game.

The idea of this kit came up when a friend (and I really mean a friend because it definitely ain’t this chick right now) was preparing for a “possible” overnight stay. We don’t want to show up with a giant weekend bag full of clothes and the dude look at you like you’re crazy for assuming but with that being said, what if it does happen? What if you get the “want to come over” invitation? Stranded with no necessary supplies? Left behind with nothing but your going-out clutch and freakum dress? How can you possibly be prepared without looking like you’re moving in?

Disaster averted. Problem solved. After much back and forth (because it’s what we ladies do) we created a plan. A plan that is worth adopting if you ever find yourself in this situation.

If you’re on a planned date, you can bring a bigger purse for those extra “must have” items. Nowadays it’s totally normal to have a carry on bag as an everyday purse. Hello back problems! But what about the girls night out that turns into a one-night stand? It happens to the best of us, or at least I hope it does. Ain’t no judgement from me and that is why I’m here to help you. Don’t you worry…Jodi got yo back! Remember, the clutch/purse must be big enough for more than your phone and ID. Give the goodies some room and place your small overnight kit or pouch inside. Alright, here we go.

The Overnight Kit

Underwear – Yes, a clean pair is necessary. Just do it and don’t ask. You’ll thank me when you have them available.

Shirt Change – I know you have that one top that can go with anything whether you have on a dress, a romper, or high waisted shorts. Roll that shit up tight and stuff it.

Oral Hygiene – Travel toothbrush and toothpaste. Maybe those little floss/pick things. Whatever you need for that mouth, bring it.

Plan B – Too much? Maybe not for some. Again…no judgments here!

Mini Dry Shampoo – Ok this is a must for me. I have blonde hair and naturally oily skin so when I wake up, it ain’t pretty without a little spritz or two.

Hair Tie & Bobby Pins – Need I explain?

Small Brush/Comb – Not a necessity for me as I prefer the bedhead look but for some, it’s a yes.

Baby Wipes – YES! YES! YES! Another “you’ll thank me later”.

Sunglasses – Them eyes may be puffy and red but I got you covered girl.

Compact or Concealer – A little touch up before he wakes up? Ummm yes. Where do I sign up?

Chapstick – I don’t care if he gives you a kiss goodbye or not, with all that action, you’re going to need some moisturizer.

Perfume – Another little spritz that’s needed in my book. Marc Jacobs “Daisy” is my go to in a small travel sized bottle for a fresh smelling you until yo ass get home to shower.

Ok did we do good? Any suggestions or add on’s? I’d love your feedback. Ladies got to stick together so let’s help ’em out.

(photo location: Marina Del Rey, California)

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