How I Holistically Medicated Myself Through Strep Throat

You should know by now that I’m someone who goes all in or not at all.  If you don’t know this about me, well you do now. With that being said, I strongly believe in doing things holistically as much as possible. F the antibiotics. Most of them are placebos anyways. If you’re sick, do your research and see what you can do naturally to get rid of it. Have a headache? Rub some peppermint oil under your nose, relax, breath it in and concentrate on the smell. I promise you this works. The headache will go away and no bullshit medication is needed. Why put substance in your body (that you probably can’t even pronounce) when you can use a natural oil that your body won’t reject to cure your pain? If you have a reason, don’t even tell me because I’m sure it’s not a good enough excuse other than “well because I have a headache, that’s why”.

Ok, I’ve preached enough. We all know, whether from personal experience or others, that strep throat is a bitch and is a complete inconvenience like any other sickness. When you go to the doctor, your prescription is a giant horse pill that makes no fucking sense because your throat hurts so bad (hence the name strep throat) that you can barely even swallow your own saliva. How does that even happen? Why does the pill have to be so big? Oh that’s right. Its a giant pill of bullshit. Trust me on this when I say this works. Antibiotics gets rid of your strep throat in a week and so does this method so do your body a favor and go holistic. Here’s what I took/did.

Besides the obvious instructions like eat soft foods, drink plenty of healthy liquids, sleep as much as possible, isolate yourself from others and shut the fuck up as much as you can, I stuck with a pretty basic holistic routine. Chewable vitamin C tablets, fish oil, B-complex, Echinacea and Zinc were for my immune system and inflamation. It was crashing because of this nasty bug I had going on and besides the bonus to chewing the vitamin C tablet to small bits, Echinacea and Zinc come in liquid forms. God’s gift to infected throats. To help with the pain, I popped all natural throat coating cough drops with Echinacea like they were chocolate, and I LOVE me some chocolate. Several times a day I would gargle with apple cider vinegar and water which helps break down the bacterial and kill it quickly. Apple cider vinegar…you are a life saver.

One week people. No antibiotics. No placebos. No unnatural chemical based shit going into your body. All good things going in and kicking strep throats ass in the same amount of time as a bullshit prescription would. Seriously trust me on this one. It works and I will tell anyone, even a doctor, their handwriting on paper is pointless in this case. Problem solved. Oh…and you’re welcome!

2 thoughts on “How I Holistically Medicated Myself Through Strep Throat

    1. I’m happy to make you laugh :). Its so true and it’s something we all can relate to when we get sick. Strep is nobodies friend and I hope you don’t get it again as well. Definitely try the peppermint oil and thank you for reading! 🙂



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