When A Cold Gets In The Way Of Your A Game

As I sit here looking out the window, the sun is shining and I dread the fact I’m in bed, babying a sore throat, runny nose and puffy eyes. It did, however, give me an excuse to try these tea flowers I got for Christmas but damn it! Everything was going so well. I’ve been going to the gym every day. I’ve been focused and hitting the weights hard. Diet was on point. Vitamins were always taken at the same time every day. How the hell do I get sick? My immune system must be the weakest thing on this planet because I just got over the stomach flu three weeks ago. A baby coughs. Boom, I’m sick. My hand touches the door handle. Boom, I’m sick. The dog farts. Boom, I’m sick.

I wash my hands after going to the bathroom every time, sometimes even before. I use the sanitary seat covers in the bathroom. Not like my vagina can pick up this strep throat but shit. What’s a girl to do when she’s running out of precautionary measures? Wear a damn mask like I’m living in China’s air quality? Wear gloves before I touch anything? It’s been 65 and sunny with not one cloud in the sky for the last 3 days. Who gets sick in this shit? Well apparently I do.

Do I push myself to sweat it out or do I rest? Rest is the most important thing for your body, especially when you train hard but when do you push the limits more than just a little? We need to listen to our bodies but sometimes ignoring it to try and fix the problem works. Sounds like an oxymoron but it makes sense. Nothing is fixed unless we go beyond the problem and figure out the solution. Oh btw, I feel like shit while writing this so excuse me if I sound like I’m continuously bitching. I’m quiet annoyed if you can’t already tell.

When I’m on my A game, it’s strong. I feel great, uplifted, motivated and full of life. Being sick just makes everything feel like bullshit, makes every person become annoying and all I want to do is curl up in my blankets. Now that I’m here, I don’t want to be here but it’s what the boss ordered. Yes…she kicked me out of the office to rest, which is what I should be doing right now. Writing to bitch to you all about my shitty immune system’s problems and watching Sex and the City sounds so much more appealing. Ok, bitch fest is over. That’ll do pig…that’ll do. (Name that movie…GO!)

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