Being Single Ain’t All That Shitty

Traveling the solo road ain’t all that glamorous, but it ain’t all that ugly either. Like any situation, it has it’s pros and cons. In LA, I definitely feel like those pros and cons are a little different because this city makes it almost fucking impossible to date. It’s like a second job trying to find someone who meshes well with you and actually wants what you want. Although dating is always going to be a work in progress, I’ve realized it’s one that I appreciate. I’m so used to being alone in a lot that I do, so when I sat down and really thought about it, being single/alone really does have some perks.


I can try anything new that I want, when I want, how I want and no one is holding me back. There is no one to answer to other than myself. Sure sharing those experiences and freedoms would be nice but when it’s all on your time, it makes the whole damn journey about you and no one else. It’s ok to be selfish and make YOU happy!

Self Love

I’ve said this so many times, even written an article about it here, that there is no love more important than the love you have for yourself. I believe in the statement whole heartedly that “You can never truly love someone if you don’t love yourself first”. Being ok and in love with the single you makes being single not so bad. You enjoy your time alone and when someone joins you, it only adds to that love. Make sense? Self love makes my 30-and-single status feel not so “taboo”. Of course from an LA point of view, 30 is not old to be single and have roommates so obviously my single ass belongs here lol.

No Shave Zone

LADIES! We do not have to shave if we don’t want to. How beautiful is that? No I do not want to spend 5-10 extra minutes in the shower shaving hair off my body. No I do not want to worry about having baby butt smooth legs. Yes I will put leggings on because I just don’t give a fuck. Being bathing suit ready 24/7 is down right exhausting, am I right? We shave when we want and that is that (insert Rosie the Riveter stance here). See…a perk!

Just because I like a good read, check out this Self article and tell me…what kind of sexy single are you? I think I’m a little bit of all of them except the cynic. She’s a little too intense. What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance.

(photo location: Dockweiler State Beach, Playa del Rey, CA)

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