Heartache…The Ache Of All Aches

You see. Day 6 was to be written on November 9th and posted on November 10th. This is my problem. Apparently the only thing I can consistently do every day is fall asleep and wake up.

Day 6 – Heartache

Heartache makes me think of so many things. My break ups. My friends’ break ups. Men who fooled me. Times I let myself down. Loosing loved ones unexpectedly. The beauty about heartache is we come out a little bit stronger on the other side. Heartache is the deepest obstacle we emotionally go through. It test our limits, shows us our highs and lows at the same time and teaches us lessons about ourselves. If there was not heartache, we would not know the true meaning of love. So cliché, I know. Fuck it. It’s so true and there’s no better way to describe it.

For me, most heartache is created by me. I’m the only one who allows an event affect me to the extreme of heartache. It’s a health emotion to have but we rely on it too much to understand happiness. A life without heartache is a life not lived to its fullest. A life with only heartache is a life in misery.

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(photo location: Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles, California)


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