Relax…Paying For Your Meal On A First Meet Isn’t The End Of The World

As women, we are told that a true man should pay for everything ESPECIALLY the meal or drinks on a date. Well what if it’s not a date? What if it’s just a first meet, during lunch, in a relaxed atmosphere? Honestly I don’t give a shit when, where or how but I’m starting to feel this rule doesn’t always apply. Born in the Midwest, this is definitely something we are taught and look for in a man. Now don’t get me wrong. When a man pays I greatly appreciate it and I can get an idea of what kind of a bf he may be, but as women become more independent and lady bosses, is it really a big deal if we pay for our own meal? Why is splitting the check so fucking awkward or shunned upon?

Through my experience of online dating, I met up with someone for the first time. There was not pressure for it to become a long term relationship or anything at all. It was very casual. A lunch “date”. Conversation was pretty good and when the check came, we split the bill. A few friends of mine looked at me with their mouths wide open and said “Fuck that guy. Move on to the next!”. Why? What was so wrong that he should be taken out of my “possible bf material” list? Even if I felt this was going to be my husband I said yes to meeting him, well prepared to pay my way. Sure there was a part of me that was surprised but I wasn’t all bummed out.

We live in an age where women keep their money separate, they sometimes make more money then men and we’re becoming more and more independent. I don’t need no man…shoot (insert hair flip here). No but really, do you ladies see this as a deal breaker? We fight for our rights to be treated as equal as men. Why can’t we pay our own way or even pick up the tab every now and then? Is this just the West coast getting to me and pulling me further from my Midwestern values? I don’t know but I see this as no big thang. Hi my name is Jodi. I’m a female. I make my own money and you’re damn straight I’ll pay my own tab thank you very much.

7 thoughts on “Relax…Paying For Your Meal On A First Meet Isn’t The End Of The World

    1. It does feel awkward. Like you expect it when really, we don’t but we know “technically” from our parent’s point of view, he should be paying. Love your writing btw!


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  1. I was JUST discussing this with a coworker of mine. I’ve definitely adopted an egalitarian approach when it comes to splitting the bill. Sometimes I pick of the tab, even! I will admit though that sometimes it makes me feel more like a “boss” and less like I’m being pursued. And that feeling of being pursued is sometimes what makes me feel take on a less domineering approach in dating. Is it like that for you at all?


    1. I like to be pursued. I like to be pursued even more when a man is ok with me returning the favor and treating him a little as well. I have guy friends who NEVER let me pay. It’s nice but sometimes you just want to share the love back. I say do what feels right at each moment. Don’t think too much about it and just go with the flow!

      Thank you for stopping by and chatting with me. Always love to hear what my readers think!

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