Everyone Loves A Survival Kit So Why Not Have One For The Muir Woods

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Let’s just get straight to it. The trees are beautiful and I could go on and on about the smell and what they looked like but that’s not what I’m here for. This, my friends, is a quick little survival kit/guide for the Muir Woods in Mill Valley, California. Besides the usual comfortable shoes and water, there’s a few others you may not think of. How cute does Mia look in this photo btw?

Muir Woods 2

Parking: It’s a bitch. I highly recommend you show up as early as possible. Thankfully our walk down to the entrance was only 15 minutes but when you have to pee so bad that you literally feel like it’s about to drip down your leg, that’s a long ass walk. We drove around for at least 20 minutes which made my bladder issue that much worse.

Baby Wipes: Not only will you get dirty from hiking, touching the trees, falling on your ass down the hill (yup this happened) and just from being outside in general, but when you gotta go, you gotta go and a baby wipe is a life saver. Tucked behind some bushes, praying my vagina isn’t exposed and no bugs crawl on it, a baby wipe was the perfect “ahhhhhh” feeling after letting out, what felt like, a five minute long pee. Also, be smarter than me and go to the bathroom before you get there. Once you hit a certain point, it’s all woods and there are too many people around to be discrete about anything.

Patience: You’re going to run into annoying boys yelling to hear their echo, tourists taking photos in the only walking path there is and bugs that continue on your same path but with some patience, you’ll learn to appreciate those moments and take it all in. Also, there’s not cell service so become one with nature and really enjoy it for what it is. It truly is a site to see.

Muir Woods 4

Extra Layers: It was a really warm morning in the woods but we hit a few cold pockets as we got further into the trails. I suggest a light-weight long sleeve of some sort so you can tie it around your waist. Plus, it’s a good accessory to have. Hey hipster!

Hiking Backpack: I feel like this could fall into the category of “obvious needs” but I never had one, therefore I didn’t realize how important it was. With our snacks, sandwiches, water, baby wipes and other shit we brought, having all those pockets, and even an insulted section, made a hell of a difference. Take turns carrying your bag so not everyone has to carry the load. I feel like this bag makes me look so official don’t you think?


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