Fuck You Men Of LA

Seriously? How the fuck do you know if someone is your forever after meeting them only one time? I have been told over and over again that I am a great girl with a good heart and they see me as a friend. FUCK! I have never been put in the friend zone by so many guys. Is this my punishment for every man I friend zoned? If so, I am feeling the wrath of it. I truly feel bad for all these men, and women, who are consistently pushed to the side because of a stupid first impression feeling. This is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard of. Yes, I have used the word fuck four times in the last minute because after a very recent phone call, I’m talking about 5 minutes ago, I am fed up.

So I’m a great girl with a good heart who’s beautiful and considered a great friend. How is that not girlfriend material? Sure I don’t have my own place, as most people in LA don’t because it’s too damn expensive, but does that make me an ineligible bachelorette?  I don’t drive a Mercedes Benz, my style tends to be menswear inspired, my teeth aren’t as white as Kyle Jenner’s and I don’t shave my legs every day. If this is what’s required of women in LA then I’m definitely not in the A-list crowd. I’m perfectly ok with it because I happen to like who I am but the more I’m told I’m seen as a friend more then a potential mate, I start to rethink my securities. It’s sad that men can do this to us but it’s only naturally. We say we don’t care what others think but in the dating world, you somewhat do. Of course you do. You want someone to like you for who you are no matter what and that is truly something hard to find. Shit it may be THE hardest thing to find.

This will not keep me from dating or simply making more guy friends but it does get me wondering…when will the friend zone close? It may be a few years from now. Would that suck? It would, but that means more time to continue my own self love. I mean how much can one truly love themselves? We don’t give ourselves enough credit for how great we are but in the mean time, I’m throwing up a right handed middle finger to the men of LA.

(photo location: San Clemente, California)

10 thoughts on “Fuck You Men Of LA

  1. I feel your pain on all levels! Its so annoying to hear “you’re a great girl but just not the girl for me.” Seriously??? It definitely causes you to question yourself a lot because you start to feel “unlikable.” You wonder whats wrong with you. Don’t worry – you’re not alone lol


    1. Thank you Josie. I know I’m not alone but it is nice to get reassurance, especially from people you don’t know. We just gotta stick together and know we are good women, they just haven’t found us yet :).

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