Thankful This Day Has Come – Juice Cleanse Day 3

So the juice cleanse was coming to an end and I was happy. Like legit really happy. By this time I kind of felt like this was a waste. I’ve had a constant headache, hunger pains and could barely sleep. How is this even worth it? Ok my kidneys did feel amazing, I’ll say that much, but I would go about this all a different way. I knew today would be even harder because I wasn’t locked up in my room, secluded from the real world. I had to go back to work and see all the delicious treats my coworkers devoured. My mind was set I would make it through. Going in full force.

 9:00am – I grabbed a small coffee. The caffeine headache was too much and from everything I read and heard, quitting caffeine cold turkey is not good for you. Just a few small sips is all it really took and I felt no guilt whatsoever.
9:13am – Here goes the last 1st juice Greenest #3. It’s still not too bad for a green juice. I’m definitely used to it now. Not my favorite thing to have in the morning but I could deal with it. I don’t know how people crave these juices.
11:32am – Juice #2 Cleaner #10. I’m sleepy and hungry but this juice is yummy. At this time I have no cravings just hungry in general. I LOVE coffee and I really didn’t care for the taste when I finally had it. Oh no…what is happening to me? This is a very rare occurrence.
1:04pm – Eating the worst juice of the day Rootier #6. Ugh my coworker is eating Mexican food and it smells AMAZING! Damn this juice tastes so earthy today. I’m very happy this is the last one I’ll have to drink. I guzzled this one and soon after I don’t feel good. The flavor is too much for me. Makes me feel a little sick. I’m light headed as well.
3:00pm – Still feeling light headed and not good. I need solid food. My vision sometimes doesn’t seem right and it’s starting to scare me.
3:08pm – Downing juice #4 Alkaline Tonic #13. The taste is not as harsh as before. I’m getting used to the ginger and cayenne pepper. It tastes even more like a spicy apple cider then it did yesterday

5:30pm – Real food was a must. The cravings were bad and no matter what juice or water I had, I only got more hungry/
6:53pm – Juice #5 Cleaner #10. Yum yum yum. It basically taste like pineapple juice. Very refreshing.
8:11pm – Juice #6 Cleanse Guru #12 – I’m finding myself trying to get them over with. Drinking them quicker and watching the time go by so I can pass out.
9:25pm – Juice # 7 which doesn’t seem like a juice Almond Nut Milk #15. Yummmmmy! It’s like a class of milk before bed when I was little. I am so drinking this juice more often.

Was this worth it? Yes it was. It was hard work, physically and mentally, but I’m happy I tried it out. Going from 1,500 calories a day to barely 1,000 is a big shock on my body that I truly don’t feel is all that healthy. One day is ok but not several in a row. At least not with my food & workout schedule. Someone asked me how I really feel and I realized my bloated feeling is gone and my kidneys are very happy, which usually are in pain. It has definitely flushed out what it needed as I peed about every 20-30 minutes. Although I was happy to see a non-bloated belly and 4lbs less on the scale, I don’t think I would do a 3 day juice cleanse again. Headaches, the light headed feeling and hunger pains is not healthy. Of course this is my opinion and others would be affected differently. All in all it was a good experience that I’m happy I did and I learned a lot about my body and what it needs to function properly on a daily basis.

Have any of you tried juice cleanses before? How did it make you feel? I would love to hear your feedback!

12 thoughts on “Thankful This Day Has Come – Juice Cleanse Day 3

    love love love it.
    amazing that your sticking to this juice cleanse- everytime I try, I fail! Haha, i basically set my self up for failure by not drinking enough juice. i recently fell of the “eating right” bandwagon a little bit, for a few days, but I’m jumping right back on! Maybe I’ll have a green smoothie later today 🙂
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    1. The juice cleanse was so hard. I recommend only do a one-day every few weeks or maybe once a month to start. Once you make through a one-day cleanse and it becomes easy to you, then go on to a two-day and so forth. You can do it with a little hard work and a cleaned out fridge so there’s no temptation.

      🙂 good luck!



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