And So It Continues – Juice Cleanse Day 2

So after Day 1 of this obnoxious cleanse, or so it felt that way, I told myself I have to stick to it. I knew three days was not that big of a deal and I really needed a kidney flush. Oh, this juice cleanse I did was a kidney flush. I’ve had issues with kidney stones, infections and all sorts of craziness so it was my main reason for doing it. With my health in mind, I powered through day two the best I could and continued to bitch to myself about how I was feeling.

8:00am – I woke up tired but not as tired as I expected.
8:15am – Drank my 1st juice of the day Greenest #3. It’s a little more earthy then I remember from yesterday but it’s still not too bad for a green juice.
10:15am – Juice #2 of the day Cleaner #10. I’m starting to get annoyed about everything, not to mention I have a little headache and feeling lightheaded.
12:00pm – I ate some cucumbers. I couldn’t not eat something solid. I’m starving. Ugh! I’m seriously debating this whole juicing thing.
2:35pm – Juice #3 Rootier #6. The beet juice is not any better than yesterday. I looked forward to getting it down and over with.
 5:00pm – Fire ass. May be too much TMI but I said I would be completely honest and open. I’m not too hungry right now, probably because I ate the cucumbers, but I’m trying to drink plenty of water between juices. The aloe water is really good.
5:10pm – Juice #4 Alkaline Tonic #13. I really like this one. It’s like a cold spiced apple cider that’s been watered down a little. I could drink this one often.
 7:00pm – I cleaned the bathroom & living room. Seriously sweated my ass off and was out of breath pretty quickly. Most activity I’ve had during this whole cleanse.
7:45pm – Juice #5 Cleaner #10. YUMMY!
8:30pm – Juice #6 Cleanse Guru #12. Another juice I like and would be easy to continue drinking. Thinking about making this one at home.
 9:20pm – Juice #7 Almond Nut Milk. I look forward to this one. A good way to end day 2 but I’m still so hungry.
10:20pm – My belly is grumbling a lot. I’m so so hungry. I can’t sleep.

By the end of day 2 I had to power through the hunger as best I could. Not being able to sleep really messed me up. I had to be at work the next day. I was weaker, crankier, my headache continued to get worse and I was really over it. I think the only positive thought I had was that tomorrow is the last day and I’m ready to be done. Check back tomorrow for Day 3!


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