Procrastination At Its Finest – Juice Cleanse Day 1

Seriously don’t judge me. It’s been like two weeks, I think, sense I said I was going to post about this damn juice cleanse I did awhile back. I seriously hate when I get side tracked and forget about writing, which should never happen, and then I loose all motivation. It’s 10:15pm and I’m just now starting to write this. Talk about a late night start. I guess it’s better late than never so here it is folks. Let me just say, this juice cleanse was not the best thing I’ve ever done but in the end, I’m so happy I tried it out. See for yourself. I literally documented everything I drank, what it was like and how my health changed. It’s a semi shit show, and not in the bowl movement way, so I’m just warning you of the bitching that may occur.

8:00am – I woke up in excitement. I’m so looking forward to this experience.
8:25am – Picked up my 3 day juice cleanse from Juice Crafters.
8:40am – Drank my first juice Greenest #3. Not too bad at all. A slight ginger spiciness to it, I can taste all the greens but the apple and cucumber help balance out the flavors well. A good start to my first juice.
8:45am – Gossip Girl marathon has begun.
10:00am – I’m hungry & trying not to think of the solid foods that I can’t have.
11:00am – 2nd juice Cleaner #10. It’s really sweet. I feel like this is a juice I shouldn’t have it’s so good. A mix of pineapple, apple and mint. I could see myself drinking this more often. Yes, I’m still watching Gossip Girl.
12:00pm – I pee about every 15-20 mins and I still have cravings for solid food & coffee. My belly is grumbling so bad.
12:55pm – 3rd juice rootier #6. Beets…holy beets. The apple and lemon help but so far it’s not my favorite. There’s a distinct tingle that comes from the acid in the apples and lemons. This one is a little harder to get down.
2:00pm – It’s nap time.
3:30pm – I woke up very hungry and with a very full bladder. Shocker I know.
3:40pm – 4th juice Alkaline Tonic #13. This is way better than expected. I’m shocked. How are all these juices so sweet? Apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper. Shouldn’t I hate this?
4:15pm – Hungry hungry hippo.
5:00pm – I couldn’t not having any food. I ate some cucumber slices to ease the hunger feeling.
5:30pm – Beet juice ran right through me. Sorry for the graphics that come to mind ya’ll but it’s the truth.
5:45pm – 5th juice Cleaner #10 & Aloe Water. So refreshing.
6:45pm – 6th juice Cleanse Guru #12. I’m so so hungry. Ugh I need regular solid food. My belly won’t stop grumbling.
7:15pm – I’m so hungry. I had to eat something. This isn’t healthy to let your body go into starvation mode. I started to drive to get a salad and I got light headed and my vision got funny. This can’t be healthy. I felt drunk or really hungover.
7:50pm – I ate, got a big headache, feeling sick and my belly is too full.
9:40pm – 7th juice Almond Nut Milk #15. Pretty darn good. It tastes like the mixed nuts from Christmas time. A dessert juice at the end of the day is so nice.

Well there you have it. Day 1 was not an easy one as my body quickly started to feel deprived of food and energy. Juice cleanses are no joke and I realized that about half way through1. Check in tomorrow for day 2.

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