Stressful Situations Are Not To Be F*#ked With

When a stressful situation arrives, take charge and make it your bitch. Sure it’s easier said than done but with time and practice, your stress will become less and less. Knowing how to manage those moments will help you make big changes in your life. Is work bothering you to the point of a frustration headache? Leave an hour early. You know how good that feels. Fuck it. Leave right now. Use a personal or sick day and get the hell out. Who cares what others think about it. It’s not worth your stress. No work should be that stressful and if it is, maybe you need to start looking for a new job. Yes work is work but you should enjoy it and love everything about it.

 Although I work in a high stress industry, I couldn’t be happier with how little stress it causes. It’s not because of the actual work, it’s because how I deal with it. I’m not saying I don’t have my days where I want to rip my hair out, but I’ve learned to cope with those moments. Go outside for a walk. If it’s cold, then bundle up. There’s something about the outside air that releases the build up in your mind. You know that knot in your chest? Spend time with nature and breathe her in. Focusing on something else like your breathing helps you center yourself and forget about current issues.

Moments when I’m not at work but feeling overwhelmed, I like to take a drive. Put on some good-mood jams and enjoy the freedom. Find a podcast you like to get your mind off things and hit the open road. LA can be stressful when driving at times but go somewhere you know it will be effortless. A spot where not many people will be. When weather permits and the air is just right, the wind blowing in your hair is just another way to let the earth calm your worries.  Stressful situations are toxic. Nobody needs more toxins then they already have, so do something about it. Stop your bitching and take charge.

The photo above is from Joshua Tree. A place I can truly say is stress free.


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