It’s Time To Connect With Your Vagina

Recently I attended a concert where the bathrooms were questionable and laying down a seat cover just wasn’t enough to ease my mind. Bring on the hover, the best thigh workout a girl can get. As I hold on to the door, experiencing what felt like the longest pee ever, I start to scan the ridiculous messages and bitch fests that are happening via lipstick, carvings and pen markings.


My first thought was to laugh. I laughed at the amount of time someone spent in this not-so-pretty stall to write a message. Then, it actually got me thinking. Yes…it is time for a change. As women, we should love our vaginas. We should love the body we were given. The most important sexual relationship you can have is with your own sexuality. Stop the bashing on the women who don’t love their vaginas and worry about your own. Spend your energy on knowing what it is you were blessed with and own it.

It’s not only good for your mental state as a women but your physical. Being healthy is about taking care of your body and showing it the love it deserves. Sure proteins and greens are great ways to take care of ourselves but what about our sexual selves? This is a healthy relationship we should all have. Know what it looks like. Know what is good and bad for it. Get to know it and love it. This is not to sound all feminist and women’s rights-like but I’m serious, we should not be ashamed of this beautiful thing we have. We work hard on our relationships with others and we should work just as hard on the one with ourselves, inside and out. Showing it off to others in ways you see fit is your business. It is also your business and responsibility to take care of your vagina and its health.

Remember the episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte takes a mirror and looks at her vagina for the first time? It was a site she had never seen before and that my friends is sad. What if something was wrong and you didn’t know until it was too late because you had never seen your down under before? Look at it, discover its parts, feel it and be confident about it. We are naturally sexual beings that should only feel one way about our vaginas and that is PROUD!

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