Why I Gained Back Them Damn LBs

It’s a hard reality to face when you see the number on the scale has creeped back up 20lbs. Sadness, frustration, irritation and disappointment are just a few of the, what feels like millions, emotions I have. How and why did this happen? I spent so much time on my health and goals just to let it fade away. The most regrettable thing about it all is I let myself down. I had never felt so confident and happy with myself ever. Not just because my appearance had changed but because I reached a goal I had for years and finally made it happen. As I look back, I definitely know exactly how it happened and why.


We all get sad, some depressed, and it completely consumes our existence. Once it goes so far, you feel as though there is no where to go but down. Relying on comfort is all you have. My comfort? Food. Unfortunately, it’s not always the healthiest of foods and after one greasy burger and fry meal, I remember what it’s like and I want it more then ever. Sadness made me break all my rules of clean eating and one day turned into two which turned into a week which turned into months.

The Fix: Set a meal plan that you know like the back of your hand. Grocery shop on Sunday, bulk cook every meal for the week, and tape your skinny bitch photo to your lunch bag.

No Motivation

When sadness kicked in, then laziness came. Sitting in bed, searching the web, reading blogs and writing about my problems was easier then facing the reality once the pounds started to show. You just don’t care. It doesn’t matter that you missed an entire two weeks at the gym. What’s another one? I’ll start back up on Monday. Monday turned into Friday and then along came an entire month. At this point, why would I want to see the people who saw me achieve my goals? To see me now is just embarrassing.

The Fix: Suck it up. Look at the mirror and face your fear. Take a before photo and put that next to your skinny bitch photo. Now it’s your choice. Do you choose happiness or self-pity?


Once you loose all motivation for something, you tend to forget how important it was. You try your best, or so you think you do, to make it happen again but all that comes out of your mouth is excuses. I’m busy. I’m tired. Ugh, I started my period today. I really want to watch another episode of Gossip Girl. I never get asked out for drinks so I can’t say no. I don’t feel good. One after the other easily slips off the tongue and it becomes all you hear from yourself.

The Fix: Make an inspiration board, along with your before and goal photos, filled with quotes, workouts and inspirational words from your loved ones. Go back and remind yourself why you did it before and continue to push to see it can happen again.

This is easier said then done, of course, but even sitting here writing this, I feel more motivated then I did before. It’s a small work in progress that will soon become a big achievement once again but not without happiness, motivation and the drive to do something about it.

What is your plan to become healthy again?

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