Coffee Addiction: Intervention Needed. Please Apply!

As a 29 year old female working in the fashion industry and living in LA, I’m bound to get addicted to something. Coffee is my best friend and although I try to hold on tight to those I love, I truly wouldn’t mind a little bit of separation from this one. Hello, I’m almost 30 btw (insert smiley with endless amounts of tears pouring out of the eyes).

There are many emotional and physical reasons for the desire to split but I’d have to say this is the hardest thing to let go. Why? Why coffee do you have this power over me? How did this happen? How did I become the person who spends $1K a year on coffee? So many damn questions pop into my head as I somewhat try to figure this out but the main reasons are clear.

The Taste

This is the most obvious of them all besides its ability to make my tired 2nd-day-makeup eyes open. Sometimes I crave it 3 times in one day. It could be 9:30pm on a Tuesday and oh what do you know, I want coffee. WTF? Who does this? I mean seriously, does anyone else have this problem? I would truly love to know because I’m feeling like it’s taking over my existence and unless someone makes me feel normal, I have no idea how I’m going to get sleep.

The Creamy Color

She’s beautiful…just beautiful. Watching the milk being poured into the dark rich color of expresso is a site to watch but when they make the perfect taupe color, my eyes fill with hearts. Yes, it is that bad. Should I go to rehab?

The Pleasure of a Purchase

It’s immediate. From verbally saying the words “iced vanilla latte” to the swipe of my card, I know this little cup of joy is soon to be held. I’m a female. I like to buy things. It doesn’t have to be a new pair of heels or the perfect mascara. A simple $4-$6 purchase of pure bliss is all it takes.

The Health Benefits

Ok so maybe this is just a reason that makes me feel better but the caffeine does give you energy which helps right before the gym. This is solid proof that coffee addiction is not so bad, right? Or what about the facts that it can reduce your risks of type II Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia? Ok, I’ve proven my point.

No matter what the excuse is that I come up with, I know that a small cut needs to happen. Until I have the strength to make this happen, I’ll keep taking photos and post them on Instagram of my forever love.

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