Snacks For The Road

An important part of a road trip is the snacks, or at least I believe it to be. Coming from a girl who eats about every 3 hours, food is essential when I’m on the road. There’s something about being on a long trip that makes you want to munch on some goodies don’t you think? In the car or out, eating is all part of the journey so why not make it one that fits just right.

On The Road

No this is not me condoning that you eat while driving in an unsafely manner but when you’re hungry and on a time crunch, you do what you gotta do…safely that is. To keep your belly happy, bring along something small and easy to grab. My go-to snacks are beef jerky, almonds, bananas and bars, all from my favorite store Trader Joe’s. Ever sense I was little, jerky was a must. A trip was not a trip without it. The smell, texture and taste of it reminds me of home and all the roads we used to travel. I always have almonds in my purse so naturally they make it to the car as well. Bananas and bars are great for those of us that want a healthier option. Check out this Pinterest board with many more to chose from.

Off The Road

If you can stop for a snack, great! However, some of us want to keep truckin’. For the 3 big meals in your day, chose a spot you’ve never been before. Embrace the experience of new food in a new town. Another option is to pack a lunch and find a place to plop and enjoy. On my recent trip to Joshua Tree, details soon to come, we chose a rock, opened a pre-made salad and enjoyed the setting sun. This was by far the best meal on the road I’ve had yet. To sit in silence and enjoy good food with nature and a friend is a simple moment that lasts a lifetime.

Trader Joe’s did not sponsor this post. This is all my own opinion and TJ’s happens to be my go-to store for all snack necessities.

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